Medipim FR - API V4

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Field Glossary


The platform supports the native spoken languages for FR;
We have also included English as this is the most common language among web development.

Possible values are: fr, en

Localized fields will always look like:

Product identifier codes

Target groups

The content on Medipim is designed for multiple target groups.

Product descriptions

Description types

code fr en
full_description Description générale General description
faq Questions fréquemment posées Frequently asked questions
measurements Dimensions Measurements
legal_text Texte légal Legal text
indication Indication Indication
contra_indication Contre-indications Contra indications
usage Usage Usage
usage_extended Utilisation prolongée Usage extended
composition Composition Composition
properties Propriétés Properties
side_effects Effets secondaires Side effects
nutritional_value Valeur nutritionnelle Nutritional value
usage_type Type d'utilisation Usage type
pregnancy_description Descriptif de grossesse Pregnancy description
pregnancy_description_extended Description de la grossesse étendue Pregnancy description extended
breastfeeding_description Description de l'allaitement Breastfeeding description
breastfeeding_description_extended Description détaillée de l'allaitement Breastfeeding description extended
interactions Interactions Interactions


The hasContent filter allows you to filter products if they have a specific field. Let’s say you wanna get all products who have a publicprice. Then you would just use this filter in the body:

"hasContent": {
    "flag" : "publicPrice"

This is a very effective way to refine your selection and get optimized results. Of course, this can be combined with different filters. Such as the AND, NOT, OR filters. You can use the get-fields endpoint to get a list of all the possible flags to filter on.

The locale parameter will only be used when using the filter for descriptions or media.

    "hasContent": {
        "flag": "descriptions.usage",
        "locale": "fr"

See below for an advanced use case involving the hasContent filter.

HTML content

Tags that are not allowed (or invalid html) are stripped from the content.
Allowed html tags and their allowed properties: