Medipim FR - API V4

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Field Glossary

(Last updated: 17/04/2024)


The platform supports the native spoken languages for FR;
We have also included English as this is the most common language among web development.

Possible values are: fr,en

Localized fields will always look like:

  • xxx:
    • language_iso2: ...

Product identifier codes

  • ean[]: EAN stands for European Article Number, which is a global trade number (GTIN) issued by GS1. GTINs are usually 8, 12, 13, or 14 digits long.
    This field is designed to hold current and legacy EAN-info about the product, thus it can contain multiple values.
  • gtin: GTIN stands for Global Trade Number, it's a globally recognised number issued by GS1 that's tied to a specific product. GTINs are usually 8, 12, 13, or 14 digits long.
    This field is designed to hold legacy GTIN-info about the product. (⚠️ deprecated use eanGtin14 instead)
  • eanGtin8: EAN 8 is used to identify products using 8-digit global trade number (GTIN 8). It is typically used outside of the US and Canada.
  • eanGtin12: EAN12 is used to identify products using a 12-digit global trade number (GTIN 12). It is typically used within the US and Canada though.
  • eanGtin13: EAN13 is used to identify products using a 13-digit global trade number (GTIN 13). It is typically used outside of the US and Canada.
  • eanGtin14: EAN 14 / GTIN is used to identify products using a 14-digit global trade number (GTIN 14). It is typically used outside of the US and Canada.
  • ospId: Ospharéa ID
  • acl13: The structure of the 13-character ACL code is based on the use of:
    • a prefix 3401 which identifies the health product other than medicine;
    • an additional position to differentiate families;
    • the 7-character ACL code (which will eventually disappear);
    • a control key.
  • cip13: The outer packaging of medicinal products shall bear the CIP13 code, batch number and expiry date, marked in plain text. This code always starts with 3400
  • cip7OrAcl7: Presentation identifier code or "Code Identifiant de Présentation". This code is always 7 characters long.

Target groups

The content on Medipim is designed for multiple target groups.

  • public
  • pharmacist
  • doctor
  • homecare
  • hospital
  • nurse
  • physiotherapist


Photo types

A photo can have one of the following types:

  • packshot
  • productshot
  • lifestyle_image
  • pillshot

Visible sides

The following sides of the product can be visible on a photo:

  • front
  • left
  • right
  • back
  • bottom
  • top

Link types

Links on Medipim can have one of the following types:

  • app
  • brochure
  • video
  • website

Product descriptions

Description types

code fren
full_descriptionDescription généraleGeneral description
faqQuestions fréquemment poséesFrequently asked questions
legal_textTexte légalLegal text
contra_indicationContre-indicationsContra indications
usage_extendedUtilisation prolongéeUsage extended
side_effectsEffets secondairesSide effects
nutritional_valueValeur nutritionnelleNutritional value
usage_typeType d'utilisationUsage type
pregnancy_descriptionDescriptif de grossessePregnancy description
pregnancy_description_extendedDescription de la grossesse étenduePregnancy description extended
breastfeeding_descriptionDescription de l'allaitementBreastfeeding description
breastfeeding_description_extendedDescription détaillée de l'allaitementBreastfeeding description extended


The hasContent filter allows you to filter products if they have a specific field. Let's say you wanna get all products which have a publicprice. Then you would just use this filter in the body:

"hasContent": {
"flag" : "publicPrice"

This is a very effective way to refine your selection and get optimized results. Of course, this can be combined with different filters. Such as the AND, NOT, OR filters. You can use the get-fields] endpoint to get a list of all the possible flags to filter on.

Add a locale parameter for fields that have localized values.

"hasContent": {
"flag": "descriptions.usage",
"locale": "fr

See below for an advanced use case involving the hasContent filter.

HTML content

Tags that are not allowed (or invalid HTML) are stripped from the content.
Allowed HTML tags and their allowed properties:

  • <b>:
  • <i>:
  • <p>: `style`
  • <table>: `style`, `border`
  • <tbody>:
  • <thead>:
  • <tfoot>:
  • <tr>:
  • <th>: `style`, `colspan`, `rowspan`
  • <td>: `style`, `colspan`, `rowspan`
  • <ol>:
  • <ul>:
  • <li>:
  • <span>: `style`
  • <strong>:
  • <em>:
  • <div>: `class`, `style`
  • <h1>:
  • <h2>:
  • <h3>:
  • <h4>:
  • <h5>:
  • <h6>:
  • <dl>:
  • <dt>:
  • <dd>:
  • <blockquote>:
  • <sup>:
  • <sub>:

Numerical operators

Numerical operators are used in specific filters on Medipim; Their value can be one of the following:

  • eq
  • gt
  • gte
  • lt
  • lte
  • neq