Medipim FR - API V4

Developer documentation

POST /v4/users/create

(Last updated: 17/04/2024)

Access to this feature is restricted and depends on your subscription type.

This endpoint allows for creating a new user on Medipim.







  • email: E-mailaddress of the user (string, required)
  • password: Secure password of the user to be used when logging in on Medipim platform (string, optional)
  • role: Role of the user in Medipim ("organization_manager", "organization_customer_service", "medical_professional" or "software_developer", required)
  • targetGroups[]: List of target groups for which this user is suited. (string[], optional)
  • organization: Medipim ID of the organization to which the user belongs (integer, required)
  • isEnabled: If the user should be enabled on Medipim (boolean, optional; default is true)
  • profile:
    • name: Name of the user (string, required)
  • preferences:
    • isPublic: Flag to determine if the user should be publicly visible for everybody (boolean, optional; default is true)
    • language: Language for which the user should be configured (string, required)
  • subscription:
    • type: Medipim ID of the subscription to be used (integer, required)
    • start: Date when the subscription should be started (unix timestamp, optional)
    • end: Date when the subscription should be stopped (unix timestamp, optional)